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Cornered Rat Software

Cornered Rat Software is a group of game developers coming together from across the globe to develop and operate, "World War II Online." Our mission is simple: To provide an amazing service that is truly compelling and so memorable, you'll keep coming back for more! We like to do things a little differently around here, as you'll find us in our games and talking with our players very openly about our shared passion for our products.

Executive Team

The business team is responsible for managing all legal, administrative tasks and managing the overall daily functions of the business. In addition they work on the vision and strategy of Playnet and Cornered Rat Software. They develop strategic partnerships, handle negotiations, support, and grow the rest of the Cornered Rat Software structure.

Jim "Maypol" MestellerPresident & CEOjmesteller@playnet.com
Matt "Xoom" CallahanVice President & COOmcallahan@playnet.com

Operations Team

The Operations (Ops) team ensures the highest health of our network and systems. While they're mostly behind the scenes, they're responsible for keeping things online and intact. Constant moderation of our systems and maintaining the highest level of security is their overall focus.

Mike "Pilotmc" CarterOps Team Leadmcarter@playnet.com
Ron "Madrebel" BettleSystem Administratormcallahan@playnet.com
John "Archaeus" HymesInfoSecjhymes@playnet.com
Ethan "Dodger" PuskasInvision Administratordodger@playnet.com

Development Team

The Development (Dev) team has a very wide role in our organization. This is home base for our programming team and they're often in the game's client, host or other supporting architecture actively working to improve the player's experience. They are also security conscious and work hand-in-hand with the Ops team in situations relating to the health of our assets.

Gwynne "Gadget" RaskindDev Team Leadgraskind@playnet.com
Tyler "Victarus" MillicanDevelopertmillican@playnet.com
Ian "Frisbone" FrisbieDeveloperifrisbie@playnet.com
Ivan "Trefa" JurikDeveloperijurik@playnet.com
Ron "Df2" MegillDeveloperrmegill@playnet.com

Production Team

The Production (Prod) team is tasked with ensuring the best possible game play experience for our players. This means they'll be introducing or fixing content, eliminating bugs, introducing new features or functionality and everything else relating to players "playing" in the game.

Rodney Prod Team Leadrhodge@playnet.com
Dave "Tgunr" CarltonDevelopertgunr@playnet.com
James "Volcol" ChiltonCharacter Artistvolcol@playnet.com
Hector "Sadguy" GonzalezLead Artisthgonzalez@playnet.com
Jason "TheStorton"Character Animation Artistjstorton@playnet.com
Alex "Dragonav" VervaetAnimation Artistavervaet@playnet.com

Community-Development Team

The Community-Development (Comm-Dev) team works to provide our community with new tools that report on the Campaign's status, personal statistics and managing squads from out of game. They'll work to empower and help other community members build tools relevant to the out of game engagement for our users.

Caleb "Sniper62" LuehrsComm-Dev Team Leadcluehrs@playnet.com
Jason "Drloon" RoutDeveloperjrout@playnet.com
Brian "B2k" SteinkeDeveloperbsteinke@playnet.com

Community Management Team

The Community Management (CM) team manages and grows our volunteer organizations. They act as the link between our development teams and the community to actively communicate back and fourth to ensure a healthy relationship exists. They're responsible for keeping our game healthy for all users, and remove / ban cheaters. When something needs attention the CM team is there.

Terry "Ohm" FazekasCM Team Leadohm@playnet.com
Stefan "Bierbaer" ArendtLead Game Moderatorbierbaer@playnet.com
Kirk "Kms" SeitzAssistant Game Managerkms@playnet.com
John "Jcd04" DavisonAssistant Lead GMjcd04@playnet.com
Marc "Kyotee" RichardsonAssistant Game Managerkyotee@playnet.com
John "Heavy265" ShoucairHost Squads Leadheavy265@playnet.com
Paul "Gvonpaul" HessLead Forum Moderatorgvonpaul@playnet.com
Giovanni "Lince" CasulaHigh Command Adminlince@playnet.com

Support Team

Our customers are in constant need of support. Returning and new players go to the support team for assistance with trouble-shooting technical and account related issues.

Sean "Company0" DonahueSupport Team Leadsdonahue@playnet.com
Jimmy "Arridin" StigsjooSupport Specialistarridin@playnet.com

Marketing Team

The Marketing team actively engages our existing players with compelling content that keeps them coming back and working to acquire new players into the game. Their tools consist of the latest social media and the community sites.

Richard "Dagger" SnellMarketing Team Leadrsnell@playnet.com
Maurice "Monsjoex" RichContent Writermrichard@playnet.com
Todd "Zippo" BambergGraphics Artisttbamberg@playnet.com
Brian "Chimm" CoutrakisVideo Mediabcoutrakis@playnet.com
Jeffrey "Slovski" SloverSocial Mediajslover@playnet.com
Francis "Matamor" DupuisSearch Engine Optimizationfdupuis@playnet.com
Ian "Jeff1234" SokolSocial Mediaisokol@playnet.com
Bill "WillyTee" TeitzelComic Artistbteitzel@playnet.com

Quality Assurance Team

The Quality Assurance (QA) team ensures that all new development receives an initial hands on look prior to distributing to the end users. They will test, report and advise our team on anything that will negatively affect a user's experience.

Dan "Waver25" TeckerQA Team Leaddtecker@playnet.com
John "Oldzeke" WorkmanTester
Kenneth "Asprin" BarryTester
Bert "Tandel" NeffTester
Terry "Carbone" CionaTester
Mathew "James10" HoganTester

Volunteer Programs

WWII Online thrives off of players stepping up and helping to do more, that is actually pretty core to our community relations. We have found that many of our best people come from within as they typically have an already existing strong grasp of not only the game but also the depth of our community and its core values. Below are some options for you to consider joining some of our volunteer programs directly serving the game's operations as either a technical or non-technical person.

Have questions, ready to help? E-mail jobs@playnet.com

Non-Technical Roles

If you're a regular player and would like to help the cause, here are a couple of programs that we have to offer.

High Command

By being an HC officer you will facilitiate awesome game play for all players. You will lead players in battle and help formulate the strategy for your side. Each time you login to the game, you will be a leader for your entire side.


Marketing Team

Help the team by raising awareness of the game to others. You'll be on the frontlines engaging with people outside of our forums and helping the team with any important new initiatives. Social Media, Graphics or Media, Analytics, Writer or any other way you can help is welcome. Bonus if you have done marketing in the real world, but not required. E-mail: rsnell@playnet.com

Technical Roles

You'll need anywhere from moderate to heavy technical skills here. Significant experience required for programming and system administration, be ready to show us what you've got. You may not have all of the skills listed but if you think you can contribute in some other way we'd really like to hear from you.

To apply to any of these roles, please e-mail your resume / experience / any relevant information about you.

Mail to: jobs@playnet.com


Ready for the ultimate programming challenge? Managing all of this code isn't for the faint of heart, even some of our most experienced people are challenged every day. You'll need to be proficient in C++ and be a strong self starter. On the programming team you will be working with the Host and Client depending where we need you. You'll start on an isolated task and work your way up proving your proficiency. There will be fun implementations and technical debt clean up. Consider joining this team with the knowledge there's lots to fix and it's not strictly "features."


Our operations team is responsible for keeping the servers online, backing things up and improving our network and infrastructure. AKA, kind of a big deal.

System Administrators

- Strong working knowledge of Debian Linux

- Strong skills in Perl scripting

- Familiarity with virtualization (Proxmox knowledge is a bonus)

- Working knowledge of BIND, postfix, apache, cron

- Familiarity with administrating LDAP

- Knowledge of Nagios is a plus


- Strong background in basic routing & switching

- Familiarity with firewall concepts, IP tables and security

- Thorough knowledge of Cisco IOS

- Familiarity with GNS a plus


If you're a web developer and/or like building tools to show campaign events / statistics, this is the place for you! Our Comm-Dev team provides community tools like WireTap, the Gazette, Combat Statistics, the WebMap and Squad Tools. They're actively working on many projects and increase the out of game enjoyment factor for our players.

Quality Assurance

If you know our game well and are ready to help put on a tester hat to diagnose issues, create a way to replicate and report them properly, we'd really like you to join our QA team. Technical skills do help but lack thereof is not necessarily a barrier to getting involved. Our QA team is an essential component of our game development process, as new changes brought in by developers need to be tested to verify they're working properly. When someone types a bug report, you are the first line of defense to isolate the issue and report it to our team.

Apply to the Quality Assurance team and fill out this questionnare.

Sound Engineer

We'd like to improve many of our sounds, whether it is the aircraft machine guns or the introduction of new equipment. If you have some sound engineer skills and enjoy war gaming, we're looking for you!

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